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Pen y Fan, 886m above sea level, is the second mountain that makes up the Pen y Fan Massif. It is the highest mountain in southern Britain south of Snowdonia! Whilst it may not look it, it is also higher than several mountains in the Lake District!

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Corn Du and Pen y Fan from the Gap Road by Dan Santillo

I went to this location for sunrise and whilst the sky looks pretty clear, this was the only bit of sun I saw thanks to a large cloud bank behind me. Luckily I was all set up and waiting as it only lasted a few minutes!

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Panorama 2:1

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Mounted Prints Explained

The mount board used is an off-white colour and is of archival quality and ph neutral. The print is attached to the backing board using two t-hinges of ph neutral framer's tape - this ensures the paper can respond to atmospheric changes without becoming wrinkled. If the photo isn't being bought with a frame, it is then protected in a clear plastic sleeve.

The dimensions given are the outer dimensions of the mount, see illustration to the left. There is a 4.5cm to 6cm border depending on photo size.

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The frames are made from real wood and come with high quality float glass. The dimensions given are the external dimensions of the mount and the internal dimensions of the frame. The frame adds approximately 7cm to the specified size, as shown in the illustration to the left.

The Entry Level 30x40cm frame is also of high quality, just from a cheaper source. See below for examples of the frames.

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These are the premium frames available in all sizes. They are made from real wood, pine, etc.

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